Life Is Empty Without You

How empty a life without You will be LORD
When the vast riches stored up turn to dust
A tragedy, a crushing end, who can afford
When only darkness awaits after we’ve breathed our last!

How empty a life without You will be LORD
When the songs of angels cannot be heard
The earnest of expectations who will reward
When boundless love is out of the reach of the dead!

How empty a life without You will be LORD
When hearts can’t remember how love sound
Wandering souls, lost, to whose accord
When in the Book of Life the King’s heirs are not found!

How empty a life without You will be LORD
When heaven and earth are no more
How hopeless the end will be O God
When the Lake of Fire is not mere folklore!


The Simple Things

Last time it was your missed call
The other day it was a text to say hello
A rush of emotions like a waterfall
Life is indeed about the simple things

You wanted to know how I fared
Why for a while I had gone unheard
For that one night I slept like a king
Life is indeed about the simple things

I told you how good it made me feel
Just to know even one person cared
Every sign of goodwill helps us heal
Life is indeed about the simple things

You were surprised by my confession
Reaching out seemed like a bad decision
When I missed your call you missed your sleep
Life is indeed about the simple things.

Finding Heaven (Sonnet)

One day I woke up pissed off
At everything under the sun
So I packed up and headed north
Thus my search for heaven begun

I climbed the highest mountains
Sailed across the largest ocean
I was fast running out of options
Having traversed both ethereal and obscene

I had flown off to outer space
Gotten as close as anyone could to the sun
I had searched through every race
Done all that a man by his own means can

I finally came to the end of the world
But no closer to heaven than before.

Lost Children (Empty Fields)

We used to play in a field of flowers
Tuck in our hairs strands of its beauty
We rolled in the grass, daydreamed many hours
One day we grew up and left those fields empty.

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To Breathe Again

Fear, trust, purpose, doubts and healing
All the many reasons why we let go
For better or worse we are each dealing
With ways we can protect the soul

Lasting friendships exchanged
For a false sense of security
The tightest of bonds estranged
Till life’s essence is in obscurity

Or maybe we empty all in our cup
And make ready for heaven’s rain
We give everything we hold dear up
That He may breathe in us again.

The Lady Of The Sea

A legend was once told
Of a creature with a heart of gold
None knew how she came to be
She was the lady of the sea

She appeared to a very few
To those whose hearts were pure
Her footfalls sang like the dew
Her appearance divine yet demure

She took away their ails and woes
And any other evils that were cleaving
In exchange for her glowing halos
Which she made with the stars in heaven

I think I met her the other night
The coral reef awashed in her soft glow
She told me I looked just alright
And I didn’t need an halo to be hallow.

In Hiding (Sonnet)

Hiding in the shadows
Away from the light of day
Like the snare of a bloody gallow
Is a love that won’t come to stay

Fast closing in
Holding on just too tight
Numbing every sense within
Snuffing out the living daylight

Love to me seems too froward
So I hide just in case it called

Maybe I’ve grown wiser
Or I’m just another fool under the sun
Maybe life has turned me a wretched miser
To spend my best years alone and on the run.