Broken Things

Broken people
are just like broken things

very rough at the edges
It friggin hurts
to hold them tight

but unlike broken things
They have hearts
they have souls
They want to be held
So draw you in
But regrettably aware
of the pain they give
So push you out

They are earth bound
Chained to this quandary
Numbed by their fear
Because the road
That leads to heaven
First goes through hell.



I have a room
That keeps strangers warm
It has wine and music
Rugs and a big fireplace
It has many flower-linteled windows
That let in the sun rays

But it is riddled with issues
Creaks, ghosts, and leaks
One too many to make a home
So it sits empty and abandoned
Save a few trinkets and souvenirs
And memories of all who once passed through.


When the sun goes home
Somewhere beyond the clouds

When the moon appears
From behind the shadows
And all the stars appear
To twinkle upon no cue

Only together
Will two again light the heavens

You will sleep alone
With all your fears drowned
By the soothing silence
Of nature’s chatter

While the peace of the night
Settles far from where
Memories of you
Are chained to my heart.

I Have Lived

I have lived
It may not be all that long
But I sure have
I have encountered fate
At its best and worst

I have learnt
So little yet everything
Through bright eyes
But not as much
Through teary eyes
I have lived burdened
By other’s dire realities
But most by other’s facades
I have celebrated
With those who lost everything
I have mourned
With those who lost nothing

I learnt that
The life we each live
The battles we declare
The crusades we embark on
To live for others
To live for ourselves
To trust and to love
To doubt and to fear
To dance and give thanks
To mop, blame and whine
To seize the day
Or to die regretting

Are all choices
We are daily gifted

To either make or unmake.


Your beauty
Scares me

I still nurse the pain
From the last time
I made another like you
God in my life.

Whisked Away

Whisked away
To a place
Only in dreams

A beautiful array
With hardly a trace
But only in dreams

I pray you stay
With your soul cleaving
More than just a perfect face
More than just my dreams

Whisked away
To sleepless straits
These hills are so close to heaven
But so far away from you
I need saving.

Bleed Dry

I love you
I am too excited
To be afrighted

So I will rip my soul out
I will throw my heart
With all its content at you
I hope you catch it
And treat it well
Make it yours
Till yours is mine

But if you won’t
Or simply can’t
I still won’t hold back
It beats for you anyway
And bleeds for you everyday

So it just might as well
Fall down and break
I may as well
Bleed dry.